From a very early age Jasmine Urzia has been learning how raw materials can be combined to create refined healing blends. When she was a child she learned from her grandmother – a pharmacist who was making creams and ointments using only herbs and ingredients grown in her own garden.

She was observing this craft, later pairing it with years of study of natural pharmaceuticals and her own work as an herbalist. From her grandmother she learned how natural medicine can help establish balanced, lasting health and how it can positively impact our daily lives.

Radice was born organically from Jasmine’s desire to combine plant-based and natural medicine into powerful botanical skincare products. Each formulation is handcrafted with care, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, using plants and fruits that are wild-harvested and mostly grown in organic soil at her farm between Tuscany and Umbria. 

Our root

At Radice we rely on ancient Italian wisdom. We preserve the knowledge of centuries of herbalism using only vital anti-aging plants and pure botanical ingredients including rosemary, salvia (sage), Tuscan lavender, helichrysum italicum, juniper, thyme and St. John’s Wort.

In Italian, Radice means root, and in our Italian apothecary we embrace our precious heritage by combining traditional medicinal plant knowledge with modern research.

We perpetuate the secrets
of centuries of herbalism
using only vital anti-aging plants
and pure botanical ingredients

Sourcing only
the best ingredients

We believe that good skin results from using raw materials.  All our products are handcrafted in small batches with the finest organic ingredients grown and processed with 100% natural and traditional methods. In our formulations we absolutely avoid all synthetics, petroleum derivates and potentially toxic ingredients.

Sourcing the highest quality herbs, antioxidant plants and resins is only the first of many steps we follow to extract the unique qualities of each plant and to preserve the plant’s active botanical nutrients. Our ingredients are picked by hand only when they are in season. St. John’s Wort, for example, is collected during the nights of June 23rd and 24th, when the plant reaches its “balsamic time,” that is the moment when the herb develops the highest degree of active principles.

They are extracted with ancient procedures, like pressing by hand, laying out in bain-marie or cold soaking, to attain maceration. We manage every step of the process with care. In our labs we constantly monitor where plants are germinated and harvested. Natural extraction processes and innovative botanical formulation guarantee that we deliver the finest blend of ingredients that nourish, strengthen and soothe the skin.

From our hands to yours


Natural ingredients can vary from soil to soil, from season to season. Because of this in our apothecary we adjust the extraction and formulation process in real time. Minimal temperature harmonization is essential in maintaining active principles and vitamins.

Stirring by hand allows us to make subtle adjustments and reach optimal consistency, nutritional content, color and scent. In our Italian labs the sensitive and experienced hands of our experts allow the nutrients of our creams and ointments to be directly absorbed by the skin.

Our promise to you
is to always be
authentic, never syntethic